Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Pantry Ghost

I love to watch some scary "real" ghost films on YouTube.

People who claim to have capture a real ghost on camera!

But all films I saw where so fake!
I studied film and camera techniques and it was so easy to see how they faked it.
I was able to explain every fake ghost film.

Until one...

It all started with this video;

In the videos you can see a door, made of glass, of a pantry.
When suddenly a girls appears behind the door and disappears again.

I was amazed and freaked out. I was thinking, how did they faked this?
I looked further and found more videos they made.
And again, I could not see how they faked it!
I found three or four videos of them, made by the same.
And in the comments the woman who made the channel was defending herself that these videos are real.

I kept an eye on the videos and comments for months to see how it all evolves. But for months long the woman, named Jody, kept her story!
But it gets even more interesting.

On a day a video was posted on YouTube. It was a preview of an investigation about these ghost videos. The video showed that a man from the website 'metacafe' was send to investigate the videos, to see if they are real or not.

The man from 'metacafe' promised to make an entire documentary about this.


Months pasts, and still no documentary.
Years pasts, and still nothing.

I was looking forward to this documentary but it didn`t happened, what made me think this was a hoax.
So I lost my eye and interest in the so called 'Pantry Ghost'.

Until a week ago, when I looked up for scary videos on YouTube again.
I found this site;

They really made the documentary!
So it`s time to continue the investigation!

You can watch all the videos here;

What is the truth?

Like I said before, I can not explain how they faked it.
If it was fake, then these are amazing special effects!
But if you look at Hi Budget movies like the 'Paranormal activity' trilogy.
They are clearly fake.
So how is it possible that some amateurs make a scarier and more realistic video of a haunting?

Or is it real, that some demon showed himself?
People that are haunted is very common, all over the world.
But don`t mistake it with the fantasy of horror movies.

But why is this the only video where you can see a demon?
There are still too many things unclear to know the truth.

Continuing the investigation

I have been investigating this much further.
And I have found some things that could give an answer.

But I am not satifised with it at all.
Some things just doesn`t make any sense.

If this was a hoax, I may have found some errors of them, and evidence this was a hoax
But still, I could be wrong.

So I will post in the future `The Pantry Ghost Unveiled`.

And of course you can help us to find the truth!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Scary Picdump

Enjoy your monthly scary picdump with original horror movie posters and their remake!