Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie: The Hounted House Project

Movie review: The Hounted House Project (Pyega) 
Cheol-ha Lee - South Korea, 2010
Horror, 84min.

Over the past 42 years, six people have gone missing, eight people have died "accidently" and eleven cases of murder have occurred in a deserted house. 
3 members of an abandoned house exploring club and 3 staff members of a broadcasting company go into the deserted house. 
All of them disappear.

It`s like the hand-held camera filming technique are used for all recent horror movies.
It all started with the `Blair witch project movie` that used one of the first time the hand-held camera filming technique.
Many high budget and low budget movies usses this technique.

This kind of techique wants you to belief that the movie really happend. Like it was all real footage of what is happend.

However many movies fales in this.
But other ones are so well made you just can`t know if it was real or not. And this makes the movie scary.

There are many terrible made, but somethime there is a true masterpiece between all the others.

The movie `Pyega` is not well known, but many reviews gives the movie a very low score.

However I disagree.
Yes the movie start very slow and boring and you will see most of the time nothing.

But what makes a hand-held film scary?... realisme.

The focus is not on the action or "ghosts" but how the people react and think.
You will see the movie trough the eye`s of the camera man, but you also will experience what he

The movie starts slow and boring but the movie climb to a climax!
With some unforgettable scenes!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Animal With Human Head

Genetic engineering,
also called genetic modification, is the direct manipulation of an organism's genome using biotechnology.

Or as some people call it " playing God".

For many years long scientists are experimenting with manipulation of organism, for the good and the bad.
But what if a secret experiment goes wrong and it escapes!

What is the truth?

The video clip is very shocking and scary.

Is this really a creature made by genetic engineering?
Or is it a sick joke.

It was not easy to find anything more about it.
But after some research it was clear what it`s all about.

In this Youtube video you can see more of those animal`s with human head.

Apparently this is a exhibition to shock people for genetic engineering. In the video`s you can hear people talking different languages and taking pictures.

I do not know which organization created this show, but it is disturbing!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Real Cursed Kleenex Commercial?

In my Blog about the `Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial` I wrote that there was still a THIRD Kleenex commercial.

I have found the third commercial!

I have watched it many times. And it is alike the red demon version. But the atmosphere is completely different.

Should this be the REAL cursed commercial?

So in this YouTube video you can see the two red demon commercials.

You can see in the first one a happy red demon that is playing with the lady.
They look happy and having a great time with the tissues.

But in the second commercial the red demon looks angry and the lady tries to cheer the red demon up.
An other detail is that they are on straw.
Why is it suddenly angry? And why are they on straw?

A second Angel version

Thanks to an anonymous comment I found also a second `Angel` commercial!

The song featured in both versions of the Angel ad is called "Kleenex" by Geinoh Yamashirogumi and it's from their 1978 album "Ougonrin Sanyo "Exultant Pisces in Cantics Nostris".

We also can see that the actors in the angel version are not asian. Is this to make the contrast bigger? Or is it made by some other commercial agency?

What is the truth?

So we have found two demon versions and two angel versions.
Each has their song and actors.

I played the commercial over and over, and still nothing happened. I played it backwards, slowmotion, ect.
And still I can`t find anything abnormal.

It is strange the legend speaks of a third commercial. But I allready found four.
So is there a thirt demon version that is really cursed?...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Scary Picdump

Enjoy your monthly scary picdump with pictures from the artist Andre Govia!