Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Treehouse

Some people say kids can be mean.
I agree with that, we can be very, very mean. Not intentionally, I swear, I did not mean to kill Lenore when I was just a kid, and I do feel sorry for her. She was younger than me, she was six, and I was ten. Forever I will regret suggesting for us to play in my treehouse that night. It was Halloween, and horror games were very popular among our friends then. We were playing a game, Lenore, me and other two kids who were Lenore's cousins, the game was called "Horror story", and we had to tell a story and act like the characters. My story involved a murder scene, and Lenore was my partner on the acting game. I took things a little too serious on the murder scene. The first thing I can remember is how  scary the other two kids got when they saw all that the blood... Well, let me tell how the scene was: I was a vampire called Morgana, and she was my victim, I was supposed to throw her against the wall and kill her character, then drain all her blood. I did not expect her to bleed for real, but she did. I accidentally throw her against the wall really strongly, much stronger that I meant. Her head hit he wall so strongly, her skull crushed. The blood splash was terrible, my white dress got all red with her blood, all red with her death. The blood spilled even in my eyes. Little Lenore was dead, her skull and neck were broken. I lifted her body by the shoulders and her head fell limp over her chest. I saw pieces of her shattered skull falling through her blood behind her head, through her blond hair covered in blood. The other two kids got so scared they started crying, but I was surprisingly cold, scared too, but I did not cry or scream, I just told them in a low voice: "She's dead, help me clean it up. You tell anyone what happened here, you'll be the next ones to die in this treehouse." The two little boys, who were younger than her, helped me carrying the body to a little room I had in the tree house. Then, after they left, I stayed there, alone, with the dead body. We laid her on a table I had, to draw and play on the tree house. It was such an innocent childish little room. However, my playing that night was a little different.

     I close the door of the main room, so nobody would walk in while I finish the work, then I got back to the dead body's room. It was a very, very little room, there was only that little table, with the dead girl on it now, and some big pieces of paper, pencils, scissors, crayons and a lot of clay, all kept in a little closet. I felt dizzy, I did not know what to do, if they found her body, I would be blamed for her death. So I looked at some clay dolls I used to do, and I had an idea: Lenore was so pretty, why bury her, instead of turning her into a beautiful clay doll? She was very little yet, at the age of six, to me that was not so easy to do, since I was only ten, still I was taller than her. So I did it. I made myself my own human clay doll: I did not have too much clay, so I only did it with her head, the rest of her body I left inside the closed, which I had a key, so nobody could open it and find it. I cut her body in pieces, to fit better in the closed, put the arms and legs in the shelf and the body in the door under the shelves. Then I closed it, and swallowed the key.

      So, I got back to the main room of the tree house and saw her head, immerse on her blood drooping in gallons from her neck, which I had just cut out of her body. I had left the head on the table while I cut everything else to keep it in the closed. Her eyes were still open, staring at me with the most terrifying expression of fear, pain, desperation, or maybe something else I can't even name. Her blond hair was still covered in blood, with a terribly deadly contrast, the blood with such vivid bright red. Her face was terribly pale, like a ghost. I closed her eyes, took the clay, and started spreading it around the head. Before the sun rise, I had ended the job, at about 5 am. Then I cleaned up all the blood as much as possible for a 10 years old child to do so by herself. It got perfect, though, nobody noticed a single blood drop around the treehouse  in the following weeks. I washed my hands and went to sleep, but not before taking the fresh clay head to the little room where I had hidden the body. I left it in there, so the clay would dry before anyone could see what was beneath it. Then I closed the door of the little room, and of the tree house too, such a great luck all those little doors had keys! Finally, I entered in my house slowly, so nobody would noticed I was coming in at such a late hour, and ask me why was that. I went to bed and fell asleep.

       Nobody ever asked me anything about how I could do such a perfectly human like sculpture of a human head. I was even proud to show the head around, and I even said it was the hardest thing I've ever did. It really was. I was not even afraid they would wonder if that was really a dead human head, with the low profile I was able to keep, why would they think anything like that? About the way the sculpture "reminded" Lenore, I said it was a tribute to my little disappearing friend. Because Lenore's disappearing, well, that was never explained. I told the boys to tell everyone that a man had taken her away, I even cut myself in the face with scissor to make it look like I struggled to save her, but failed, so she was kidnapped... and people just believed me. Why wouldn't they? I was such an innocent little girl! So, I enjoyed showing the head of the girl I had killed, I showed to everyone, even to cops, I even enjoyed some adrenaline, the danger of somebody finding it out. The head was almost like a trophy to me, I felt proud, not for killing her, but for being able to keep such a terrible secret for so song, and even going beyond the laws. I felt superior carrying that head, getting away with murder. But about the closet, I though the body parts would start rotting and draw people's curiosity to the tree house, so I burned the closet in less than three days after Lenore's death, but I put the fire down before it burned the entire treehouse, where I kept Lenore's head always on the table. The fire destroyed the closet completely, and left some dark stains on the wall and floor, but not much more, it was a small closet, she was a small dead body. Even her bones melted into ashes.

     Now, it has been almost ten years since that night. However, yesterday, something terrible happened: It was almost night when I went back to the treehouse, to look at Lenore's head, and a neighbor called me, so I told him to come in. I showed him the head, like I always enjoyed showing it, my trophy. He held it, but he had a problem with trembling hands, then he dropped the head down the stairs, down the tree, through the door of the treehouse... When the head hit the ground, the clay shattered, and pieces of the skull, that I had glued back together with clay, fell apart. One of the rotten eyes fell off, colored in blood yet. The second I saw the head hit the ground I screamed "Lenoooore!!!" so loud, my voice hurt my own ears, and my throat ached with taste of blood. My neighbor, who was a cop, would sure ask me questions, and jail was waiting for me... my heart was racing, I could not breath anymore, I did not want to breath anymore... then I jumped. My head crushed on the ground, the last thing I saw was Lenore's skull shattered among pieces of clay, the treehouse had pushed me to my very last day.

Written by Amanda Leonardi.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Legend of Guedes

There’s been countless of stories, from all over the world, about solitary travellers who lose their way and meet a frightful end.

The legend of Guedes is no different - but hers take a slight different turn towards the supernatural.

The legend

It all happened in a small Brazilian town called Cariré, in the northeast Município of Ceará.
The story tells us of a woman called Guedes who, after countless of days lost inside the woods, looking for her way back, died from the lack of water.
Ironically, she died only a few feet away from a small river.

Today, many who go to the small river to fish, claim to hear a woman’s wails and cries.
To try and put her soul at ease, the people from the town put a small cross on the place she allegedly died. They leave small plates of food and bottles of water to try and ease her spirit at this cross, and pray for her soul to find the light.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work, for her cries are still heard throughout the woods to this day.

What is the truth?

A visitor in the place and many others confirmed its wary ways, saying that “the path is awfully difficult to follow, and insects cloud your vision underneath the many trees”.

Since the story has unfilled details (how did Guedes get there? Why was she there? How do people know her name is Guedes?) and the lack of physical evidence that should exist to confirm its truth leads us to believe it’s just another urban legend that is just passed down from mouth to mouth, generation to generation, as it often happens in small towns.

Weather real or not, the Legend still haunts the small town and its inhabitants, tying itself to the very history of the place.
I don’t believe Guedes will be going anywhere very soon.

A person who saw the photo of the visitor, showed at the bottom of this article, claims to have seen “the face of a sad, sad woman amongst the trees”.

Can you see it?

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Scary Picdump

Enjoy your monthly scary picdump with some amazing horror cosplay!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Pantry Ghost

I love to watch some scary "real" ghost films on YouTube.

People who claim to have capture a real ghost on camera!

But all films I saw where so fake!
I studied film and camera techniques and it was so easy to see how they faked it.
I was able to explain every fake ghost film.

Until one...

It all started with this video;

In the videos you can see a door, made of glass, of a pantry.
When suddenly a girls appears behind the door and disappears again.

I was amazed and freaked out. I was thinking, how did they faked this?
I looked further and found more videos they made.
And again, I could not see how they faked it!
I found three or four videos of them, made by the same.
And in the comments the woman who made the channel was defending herself that these videos are real.

I kept an eye on the videos and comments for months to see how it all evolves. But for months long the woman, named Jody, kept her story!
But it gets even more interesting.

On a day a video was posted on YouTube. It was a preview of an investigation about these ghost videos. The video showed that a man from the website 'metacafe' was send to investigate the videos, to see if they are real or not.

The man from 'metacafe' promised to make an entire documentary about this.


Months pasts, and still no documentary.
Years pasts, and still nothing.

I was looking forward to this documentary but it didn`t happened, what made me think this was a hoax.
So I lost my eye and interest in the so called 'Pantry Ghost'.

Until a week ago, when I looked up for scary videos on YouTube again.
I found this site;

They really made the documentary!
So it`s time to continue the investigation!

You can watch all the videos here;

What is the truth?

Like I said before, I can not explain how they faked it.
If it was fake, then these are amazing special effects!
But if you look at Hi Budget movies like the 'Paranormal activity' trilogy.
They are clearly fake.
So how is it possible that some amateurs make a scarier and more realistic video of a haunting?

Or is it real, that some demon showed himself?
People that are haunted is very common, all over the world.
But don`t mistake it with the fantasy of horror movies.

But why is this the only video where you can see a demon?
There are still too many things unclear to know the truth.

Continuing the investigation

I have been investigating this much further.
And I have found some things that could give an answer.

But I am not satifised with it at all.
Some things just doesn`t make any sense.

If this was a hoax, I may have found some errors of them, and evidence this was a hoax
But still, I could be wrong.

So I will post in the future `The Pantry Ghost Unveiled`.

And of course you can help us to find the truth!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Scary Picdump

Enjoy your monthly scary picdump with original horror movie posters and their remake!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chainsaw Suicide

David Phyall, a 50-year-old British man, didn't want to leave his apartment block, which was set to be demolished.
Alternative accommodations were offered to him 11 times, but David just wasn't taking.

One by one, all his neighbors moved out, leaving him the sole holdout rattling around in a condemned apartment building all on his own.

Something had to give and it turned out that something was going to be David's vertebrae.
See, he had a plan that was definitely going to cost him his safety deposit, and make a hell of a chore for the cleaning staff.

David tied a chainsaw to the leg of a table, laid down with his neck against it, set the saw on a 15-minute timer, then took a stiff drink and then took a cocktail of pills to knock himself out.
He rested the saw on his neck and once he passed out, the timer went off – slicing through his neck in an instant.

Cops and paramedics found his blood-soaked corpse ten days ago after his dad John raised the alarm.

A Hampshire police source said: “What greeted them was a horrific sight. The head was severed and there was a considerable amount of blood.

“He seemed to have gone into a great amount of detail to end it all.”

What is the truth?

This is unfortunately a true story.

Ron Turtle, residents’ association chairman, said: “They offered him several places that were similar but he just didn’t want to move. They had to go to court. It is a very sad situation.”

Chainsaw suicides happens.
There is word off cases that people saw there head off by a dare or bet.

Drunk? Depressed? Angry? Stay away from chainsaws!
Or friends with a chainsaw...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Nurse

A girl finished nursing school and started to work in a new hospital.

She really likes her job, but she found it difficult to get along with the people she worked with.

Most of her colleagues are young doctors who had just finished medical school.
The young doctors really liked to party and pull pranks on each other.

She found it very difficult to live with them in the residence next to the hospital.
They made too much noise and stayed up very late at night.

The nurse worked very long hours and really needed all the sleep she could get.
Whenever she complained about their behavior, the doctors just laughed in her face and told her to shut her mouth.

The nurse eventually reported the doctors to the hospital manager, and they got in all sorts of trouble.
The doctors started to really hate the nurse and start to plan the perfect revenge!

One of the doctors came up with a really sick prank and all the other ones agreed to help.

That night, they broke into the mortuary in the hospital basement and sawed the arm of a corpse.

They sneaked into the nurse`s bedroom and put the severed arm under her bedclothes.
They placed it at the bottom of the bed so that when she lay down, her feet would touch the rotting arm.

The young doctors stood around in the hallway waiting for the nurse to go to bed.
As the girl entered her bedroom , the doctors had to stop themselves from laughing out loud.

The nurse was suspicious of their behavior, but she was too tired and stressed to care and went into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

The men waited impatiently in the hallway for the nurse to find the severed arm in her bed.
But they didn`t hear a scream, no angry yells... only silence.

After a while the doctors got fed up waiting and decided to turn in for the night.
They assumed that they had placed the arm too far down in the bed and the nurse must not have felt it.

The next morning, the doctors went to check on the nurse. Hoping she have found the arm.
Receiving no answer when they knocked on the door, they turned the handle and went inside.

The room seemed to be completely empty.
The doctors searched the nurse`s bedroom and opened her closet.

They found the nurse curled up in the corner of the closet.
With her back towards them.
The doctors heard a shewing sound coming from her.

One of the doctors grabbed her shoulder to turn her around.

Her hair had turned grey and white.
Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she had gone totally insane.
Her face looked like it had aged 20 years.

But fear stroke them when they saw the horrible sight of the nurse shewing on the severed arm.
And a little smile appeared on her face.

Thursday, August 1, 2013