Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is Christmas a Christian holiday?

Is Christmas a Christian holiday?

At this periode, this question is very important!

The Horrror Tree present to you the FACTS of Christmas;

1) Celebrating Jesus’ birthday: “The early Christians did not celebrate [Jesus’] birth because they considered the celebration of anyone’s birth to be a pagan custom.”—The World Book Encyclopedia.

2) December 25: There is no proof that Jesus was born on that date. Church leaders likely chose this date to coincide with pagan festivals held on or around the winter solstice.

3) Gift-giving, feasting, partying: The Encyclopedia Americanasays: “Saturnalia, a Roman feast celebrated in mid-December, provided the model for many of the merry-making customs of Christmas. From this celebration, for example, were derived the elaborate feasting, the giving of gifts, and the burning of candles.” The Encyclop√¶dia Britannica notes that “all work and business were suspended” during Saturnalia.

4) Christmas lights: According to The Encyclopedia of Religion, Europeans decorated their homes “with lights and evergreens of all kinds” to celebrate the winter solstice and to combat evil spirits.

5) Mistletoe, holly: “The Druids ascribed magical properties to the mistletoe in particular. The evergreen holly was worshiped as a promise of the sun’s return.”—The Encyclopedia Americana.

6) Christmas tree: “Tree worship, common among the pagan Europeans, survived after their conversion to Christianity.” One of the ways in which tree worship survived is in the custom of “placing a Yule tree at an entrance or inside the house in the midwinter holidays.”—Encyclop√¶dia Britannica.

If you are a Christian or an atheist , you need to think abouth these facts.

Keep looking for the truth!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Slaughterville - A Card-game of Fun and Horror!

As the The Horror Tree, we LOVE horror and games. Also Board-games and Card-games!

This month a really special card-game has been released on Kickstarter!

A card game that takes you to a town full of horrors!

'Slaughterville' takes you on a journey through a town that just happens to be host to numerous supernatural and horrific phenomena. Will you defeat the villain, or become yet another hapless victim? Abandon all hope, ye who enter Slaughterville!

During the game, you play the role of one of Slaughterville's citizens. Each one of these citizens has a special ability that can help you save the day.

During your turn, you must visit one of the six locations in play. Each location has a deck of 24 cards. These cards are used to determine what happens to you as you try to defeat the villain and save the day. A multi-player game is completely cooperative unless… well… We'll just leave it at that. It's better to not think about such things.

The kickstarter has been a succes the very first day! But it has many stretch goals to be unlocked! And that is only possible by backers! For only $40,00 you will get 700+ cards if every stretch goal has been succeeded!

Will you buy a ticket and visit Slaughterville?

Please back this project! And do not forget to #thehorrortree #welcometoslaughterville

Welcome to Slaughterville!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Note from THT

Little update for the website The Horror Tree.

As you have noticed, there are not many articles or posts lately at all.
But we are still keeping an eye on the readers comments!

Working on a website consumes a lot of time. Mixing that with a full-time job, family, friends, other hobby's and the many problems in life does not make it easy to continue working on the site.

Also I am working alone. So the website could use some co-writers. If you want more info about that, please check here

I am working on a couple of articles, but I will only post them when I have a decent amount, so there will be more then one a month. That will bring the website back alive!

Thank you for reading!

Also don`t forget you can send us your story, a made up one or a real-life experience at !

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best Horror Movies 2012

The year 2012 was not so bad for the horror film lover.
A collection of the must see horror movies of 2012.

Please be advised, these movies are R and M rated!

The cabin in the woods
Spending a vacation in a cabin in the woods with some good friends can turn out into something you could never imagine!

A group of men are hired to look for a single vhs tape in a house.
However they did not only find a collection of cryptic video images...

The Collection
The continuation of the great movie `The Collector`.
The collector is not done with his collection and is working hard to make his collection of humans larger. Getting kidnapped and waking up in the house of the collector... let the nightmare begins.

The Innkeepers
The 'Yankee Pedlar' hotel has been open for nearly a hundred years and is about to close soon. The last two receptionists Claire, a woman in her twenties and Luke, a geek, are convinced that the hotel is haunted.  
And they want to prove the hotel is really haunted by investigating at night.
If strange things begin to happen, Luke and Claire do not know what they should believe.

Chernobyl Diaries
Going on extreme touring in a city abandoned for many years must be an amazing experience!
After a brief exploration of the abandoned city, the group realize they are stuck in the place
And they soon discover that they are not alone...

Redd Inc.
Redd is a moody, authoritarian and cruel boss. He lures people into a trap and then forcing them to work in a miserable office that he has set. Redd gives them an impossible assignment. If they not succeed in time,  they are punished in horrible way ...

The Bay
When two biological researchers from France find a very high level of toxicity in the water, they try to warn the mayor, but he refuses to take care of it. As a result, a deadly plague breaks out from which the people of Chesapeake Bay are hosts of parasites that take control of their thoughts, and their bodies.

The ABC`s of Death
26 ways to die! All created by directors from over the world. An amazing collection of short films in difference styles.

The Apparition
When strange events occur at home of the young couple Kelly and Ben, they find out that they are terrorized by a presence that was killed accidentally by a parapsychology experiment in college

Ellison, a writer of crime novels based on true police matters, has struggled to find a new story.  
He moves with his family to a house where an entire family was massacred.  
When he found a box of tapes in the house, his investigating will lead to the supernatural.

What was your favorite horror movie of 2012?