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The Brown Lady

This portrait of "The Brown Lady" ghost is arguably the most famous and well-regarded ghost photograph ever taken.

The ghost is thought to be that of Lady Dorothy Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount of Raynham, residents of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England in the early 1700s.
It was rumored that Dorothy, before her marriage to Charles, had been the mistress of Lord Wharton.
Charles suspected Dorothy of infidelity.

Although according to legal records she died and was buried in 1726, it was suspected that the funeral was a sham and that Charles had locked his wife away in a remote corner of the house until her death many years later.
Dorothy's ghost is said to haunt the oak staircase and other areas of Raynham Hall.
In the early 1800s, King George IV, while staying at Raynham, saw the figure of a woman in a brown dress standing beside his bed.

She was seen again standing in the hall in 1835 by Colonel Loftus, who was visiting for the Christmas holidays.
He saw her again a week later and described her as wearing a brown satin dress, her skin glowing with a pale luminescence.
It also seemed to him that her eyes had been gouged out.

The next sighting of the "Brown Lady" was made in 1836 by Captain Frederick Marryat, a friend of novelist Charles Dickens, and the author of a series of popular sea novels.
It is said that Marryat requested that he spend the night in the haunted room at Raynham Hall to prove his theory that the haunting was caused by local smugglers anxious to keep people away from the area.

Writing in 1917, Florence Marryat said of her father's experience:

…he took possession of the room in which the portrait of the apparition hung, and in which she had been often seen, and slept each night with a loaded revolver under his pillow.
For two days, however, he saw nothing, and the third was to be the limit of his stay.
On the third night, however, two young men (nephews of the baronet), knocked at his door as he was undressing to go to bed, and asked him to step over to their room (which was at the other end of the corridor), and give them his opinion on a new gun just arrived from London.
My father was in his shirt and trousers, but as the hour was late, and everybody had retired to rest except themselves, he prepared to accompany them as he was.
As they were leaving the room, he caught up his revolver, “in case you meet the Brown Lady,” he said, laughing.
When the inspection of the gun was over, the young men in the same spirit declared they would accompany my father back again, “in case you meet the Brown Lady,” they repeated, laughing also.
The three gentlemen therefore returned in company.

The corridor was long and dark, for the lights had been extinguished, but as they reached the middle of it, they saw the glimmer of a lamp coming towards them from the other end.
“One of the ladies going to visit the nurseries,” whispered the young Townshends to my father.
Now the bedroom doors in that corridor faced each other, and each room had a double door with a space between, as is the case in many old-fashioned houses.
My father, as I have said, was in shirt and trousers only, and his native modesty made him feel uncomfortable, so he slipped within one of the outer doors (his friends following his example), in order to conceal himself until the lady should have passed by.
I have heard him describe how he watched her approaching nearer and nearer, through the chink of the door, until, as she was close enough for him to distinguish the colors and style of her costume, he recognised the figure as the facsimile of the portrait of “The Brown Lady”.
He had his finger on the trigger of his revolver, and was about to demand it to stop and give the reason for its presence there, when the figure halted of its own accord before the door behind which he stood, and holding the lighted lamp she carried to her features, grinned in a malicious and diabolical manner at him.
This act so infuriated my father, who was anything but lamb-like in disposition, that he sprang into the corridor with a bound, and discharged the revolver right in her face.
The figure instantly disappeared - the figure at which for several minutes three men had been looking together – and the bullet passed through the outer door of the room on the opposite side of the corridor, and lodged in the panel of the inner one.
My father never attempted again to interfere with "The Brown Lady of Raynham”.

The photo

This famous photo was taken in September, 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira, two photographers who were assigned to photograph Raynham Hall for Country Life magazine.

This is what happened, according to Shira:
"Captain Provand took one photograph while I flashed the light.
He was focusing for another exposure; I was standing by his side just behind the camera with the flashlight pistol in my hand, looking directly up the staircase.

All at once I detected an ethereal veiled form coming slowly down the stairs. Rather excitedly, I called out sharply: 'Quick, quick, there's something.'
I pressed the trigger of the flashlight pistol.

After the flash and on closing the shutter, Captain Provand removed the focusing cloth from his head and turning to me said: 'What's all the excitement about?'"

Upon developing the film, the image of The Brown Lady ghost was seen for the first time.
It was published in the December 1936 issue of Country Life.

What is the truth?

Experts called in by Country Life stated that the photograph and its negative did not appear to have been interfered with!

Since then, however, some critics have claimed that Shira faked the image by painting grease or a similar substance on the lens in the shape of a figure, or by himself deliberately moving down the stairs during an exposure.
Others claim that the image is an accidental double exposure or that light somehow got into the camera.

After this last sighting in 1936, the Brown Lady has not been seen since.
However some claim that the Brown Lady is still present.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Wise Men From The East And The Star

To ruin your happy holiday!

The Horror Tree will tell you the truth about the `wise men` from the east and the star.

The peculiar nature of the star caught the eye of “wise men” from the East, eventually leading them to young Jesus.

Popular Christmas stories portray the star as a good sign from heaven.

One reference work refers to the star as part of a “divine pre-arrangement whereby . . . the child Jesus was honored and acknowledged by the Father as his beloved Son.”

Even Christmas carols honor that star!

What was this star?

Some have suggested that it was a natural celestial phenomenon.
A number of scholars have proposed that it was a conjunction of planets.

However, as The New Bible Dictionary points out, “such a phenomenon could not naturally be referred to as ‘a star.’”
Multiple planets passing close to each other would still appear as individual points of light and not as a single star.
 Some have suggested other celestial phenomena, such as a comet or a supernova.

However, none of these phenomena could maneuver through the sky in a way that would lead the men to a specific city and then stop over a specific house.

Could the star have been a natural event or could it have appeared by divine providence?

Consider some facts: The “wise men” were not what we would today call academics; neither were they kings.
They were, as most modern English translations read, “astrologers.”
They engaged in a practice condemned in the Bible.
Note that only these astrologers were reported to have “seen” the star.
If the star had been an actual star, it would have been as visible as a beacon to the public in general.

But even King Herod had to ask them about the details of its appearance.
This star guided the astrologers first to Jerusalem, to Herod, a mortal enemy of the future Messiah.
He intended to kill the child Jesus.
Then the star shifted direction and led the astrologers south to Bethlehem where Jesus was, thus placing Jesus’ life in danger.

These facts give evidence that the star was from an evil source, most likely Satan the Devil.
The Bible describes him as using “lying signs and portents.”
 It should thus not surprise true Christians that Satan could make only astrologers see a starlike object and could jockey that “star” to lead them to God’s Son, whom he wanted to destroy.

It is noteworthy, however, that God did in fact announce Jesus’ birth through miraculous means.

 On the very night of Jesus’ birth, an angel appeared to a group of shepherds and announced the birth of a “Savior.”
The angel also provided directions so that the shepherds could visit Jesus.
Then a multitude of angels appeared and proceeded to praise God.

God used these angels and not the star to inform people of Jesus’ birth.

Happy crisis and a happy new fear!

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I Want YOU For The Horror Tree

The Horror Tree is getting bigger by day thanks to all the visitors.
But I want to go bigger, and I can not do it alone.

That`s why I need YOU!

I am looking for a co-writer to help me with more articles and reviews.

Do you want to work for a growing website?

Your Function

You will make every week at least one article/review.
Work personally with me to grow the website.

Your Profiel

You need to be +18 years old.
You need to have some english writing skills.
You must be a honest person.
A true horror lover and is willing to put some time in the website.
Work for the moment as a volunteer.

Our Offer

In the future possible free movies, games, shows... It all depends how big we get.
Press privileges.
The fun of working with horror.

What do I have to do?

Send me a email with some personal information (Who you are? Hobbies? Work? Why you want to work for The Horror Tree?)
Just tell a little bit about your self.
{I do not need to know your home adress or phonenumber!}

Also make your first article that you want to post on The Horror Tree.

Send all this in a mail to ``


I do not make any money out of this website! So you have to do it as a hobby.
However it is possible that we will make money out of it or get free games and movies. 
But it is way to early! So please do not forget this is all for fun.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

End Of The World

How do you feel about December 21, 2012, the date on the Maya calendar that many have been saying would bring worldwide change?

Depending on what you expected, you might be relieved, disappointed, or indifferent.
Was it just another incorrect prediction for the end of the world?

What about “the end of the world” described in the Bible?

Some fear that the earth will be burned up.
Others are fascinated by end-time scenarios.

Many have simply grown tired of being told that the end is near.
But could those be reactions to fiction rather than to fact?

You might be surprised to learn what the Bible really says about the end of the world.
We invite you to consider the Bible’s answers to some common questions about the end of the world.

Will the earth be burned up?

THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “[God] has founded the earth upon its established places; it will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.”—PSALM 104:5.

The earth will not be destroyed, either by fire or by any other means. Instead, the Bible teaches that this planet is mankind’s eternal home. Psalm 37:29 says: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.”—Psalm 115:16; Isaiah 45:18.

After God created the earth, he said that it “was very good,” and he still feels that way. (Genesis 1:31) Far from planning to destroy it, he promises to “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”—and to protect it from permanent damage.—Revelation 11:18.

You may wonder, though, about 2 Peter 3:7. That Bible verse says: “The heavens and the earth that are now are stored up for fire.” Does this not show that the earth will be burned up? Actually, the Bible sometimes uses the terms “heavens,” “earth,” and “fire” figuratively, as symbols. For example, when Genesis 11:1 says: “All the earth continued to be of one language,” it uses “earth” to mean human society.

The context of 2 Peter 3:7 shows that the heavens, earth, and fire mentioned there are also symbols. Verses 5 and 6 draw a parallel with the Flood of Noah’s day.
On that occasion, an ancient world was destroyed, yet our planet did not disappear. Instead, the Flood wiped out a violent society, or “earth.” It also destroyed a kind of “heavens”—the people who ruled over that earthly society. (Genesis 6:11) In the same way, 2 Peter 3:7 foretells the permanent destruction of wicked society and its corrupt governments as if by fire.

What happens at the end of the world?

THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “The world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”—1 JOHN 2:17.

“The world” that is to pass away is, not the earth, but the world of mankind whose lives are not in harmony with God’s will. Just as a surgeon might remove a cancerous tumor to save a patient’s life, God will “cut off” the wicked so that good people can truly enjoy life on earth. (Psalm 37:9) In that sense, “the end of the world” is a good thing.

Such a positive view of “the end of the world” is implied by the Bible translations that render this expression “the conclusion of the system of things” or “the end of the age.” (Matthew 24:3; New International Version) Since both humankind and the earth survive the end, does it not seem reasonable that a new age, a new system of things, would follow? The Bible answers yes, for it speaks of “the coming system of things.”—Luke 18:30.

Jesus called that future period “the renewal of all things.” At that time, he will restore humanity to the conditions that God originally intended. (Matthew 19:28, NIV) We will then enjoy

▪ A paradise earth with security and prosperity for all.—Isaiah 35:1; Micah 4:4.
▪ Work that is meaningful and satisfying.—Isaiah 65:21-23.
▪ The curing of all disease.—Isaiah 33:24.
▪ The reversal of aging.—Job 33:25.
▪ The resurrection of the dead.—John 5:28, 29.

Is the end of the world really near?

THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “When you see these things occurring, know that the kingdom of God is near.”—LUKE 21:31.

In the book The Last Days Are Here Again, Professor Richard Kyle writes that “sudden change and social chaos create an atmosphere conducive to predictions of the end of the world.” That is especially the case when the change and chaos seem hard to explain.

However, the Bible prophets who spoke about the end were not trying to explain baffling events of their day. Instead, they were inspired by God to describe conditions that would indicate an imminent end of the world. Consider some of those prophecies and decide for yourself whether they are being fulfilled in our time.

▪ Wars, famines, earthquakes, and epidemics of deadly disease.—Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11.
▪ Significant increase in crime.—Matthew 24:12.
▪ The ruining of the earth by mankind.—Revelation 11:18.
▪ People who love themselves, money, and pleasures but do not love God.—2 Timothy 3:2, 4.
▪ The breakdown of the family.—2 Timothy 3:2, 3.
▪ General apathy toward the evidence of the approaching end.—Matthew 24:37-39.
▪ The preaching of the good news of God’s Kingdom worldwide.—Matthew 24:14.

As Jesus said, seeing “all these things” lets us know that the end of the world is near. (Matthew 24:33)

Do mistaken expectations about the end mean that it will never come?

THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.”—1 THESSALONIANS 5:3.

The Bible likens the world’s destruction to the onset of labor—the mother’s pain is inevitable and comes suddenly. The time leading up to the end is also like a pregnancy, for an expectant mother is aware of ever-increasing signs of the coming birth. Her doctor might estimate the birth date; yet, even if the event should delay, she would still be sure that her baby will soon be born. Similarly, any mistaken expectations about the end do not alter the unmistakable features identifying these as “the last days.”—2 Timothy 3:1.

‘If the sign that we are near the end is so obvious,’ you might ask, ‘why do so many people fail to recognize it?’
The Bible shows that when the end is near, many will belittle the evidence.

Rather than acknowledge the fundamental changes during the last days, they would scoff: “From the day our forefathers fell asleep in death, all things are continuing exactly as from creation’s beginning.” (2 Peter 3:3, 4) In other words, the sign of the last days is clear, but many will ignore it.—Matthew 24:38, 39.

This article has considered just some of the Scriptural evidence that the end is near.

Even if you do not belief in the Bible, you can not ignore what is happening!

But do not worry, the world will not end on December 21.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Scary Picdump

Enjoy your monthly scary picdump with a collection of Thailand movie posters.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie: The Hounted House Project

Movie review: The Hounted House Project (Pyega) 
Cheol-ha Lee - South Korea, 2010
Horror, 84min.

Over the past 42 years, six people have gone missing, eight people have died "accidently" and eleven cases of murder have occurred in a deserted house. 
3 members of an abandoned house exploring club and 3 staff members of a broadcasting company go into the deserted house. 
All of them disappear.

It`s like the hand-held camera filming technique are used for all recent horror movies.
It all started with the `Blair witch project movie` that used one of the first time the hand-held camera filming technique.
Many high budget and low budget movies usses this technique.

This kind of techique wants you to belief that the movie really happend. Like it was all real footage of what is happend.

However many movies fales in this.
But other ones are so well made you just can`t know if it was real or not. And this makes the movie scary.

There are many terrible made, but somethime there is a true masterpiece between all the others.

The movie `Pyega` is not well known, but many reviews gives the movie a very low score.

However I disagree.
Yes the movie start very slow and boring and you will see most of the time nothing.

But what makes a hand-held film scary?... realisme.

The focus is not on the action or "ghosts" but how the people react and think.
You will see the movie trough the eye`s of the camera man, but you also will experience what he

The movie starts slow and boring but the movie climb to a climax!
With some unforgettable scenes!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Animal With Human Head

Genetic engineering,
also called genetic modification, is the direct manipulation of an organism's genome using biotechnology.

Or as some people call it " playing God".

For many years long scientists are experimenting with manipulation of organism, for the good and the bad.
But what if a secret experiment goes wrong and it escapes!

What is the truth?

The video clip is very shocking and scary.

Is this really a creature made by genetic engineering?
Or is it a sick joke.

It was not easy to find anything more about it.
But after some research it was clear what it`s all about.

In this Youtube video you can see more of those animal`s with human head.

Apparently this is a exhibition to shock people for genetic engineering. In the video`s you can hear people talking different languages and taking pictures.

I do not know which organization created this show, but it is disturbing!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Real Cursed Kleenex Commercial?

In my Blog about the `Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial` I wrote that there was still a THIRD Kleenex commercial.

I have found the third commercial!

I have watched it many times. And it is alike the red demon version. But the atmosphere is completely different.

Should this be the REAL cursed commercial?

So in this YouTube video you can see the two red demon commercials.

You can see in the first one a happy red demon that is playing with the lady.
They look happy and having a great time with the tissues.

But in the second commercial the red demon looks angry and the lady tries to cheer the red demon up.
An other detail is that they are on straw.
Why is it suddenly angry? And why are they on straw?

A second Angel version

Thanks to an anonymous comment I found also a second `Angel` commercial!

The song featured in both versions of the Angel ad is called "Kleenex" by Geinoh Yamashirogumi and it's from their 1978 album "Ougonrin Sanyo "Exultant Pisces in Cantics Nostris".

We also can see that the actors in the angel version are not asian. Is this to make the contrast bigger? Or is it made by some other commercial agency?

What is the truth?

So we have found two demon versions and two angel versions.
Each has their song and actors.

I played the commercial over and over, and still nothing happened. I played it backwards, slowmotion, ect.
And still I can`t find anything abnormal.

It is strange the legend speaks of a third commercial. But I allready found four.
So is there a thirt demon version that is really cursed?...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Scary Picdump

Enjoy your monthly scary picdump with pictures from the artist Andre Govia!