Friday, May 17, 2013

Invisible Clowns

A 40 year-old Arizona man was visiting his mom in Wisconsin.
But I don’t think she will ever invite him back, not unless she wants another case of invisible clowns.

The man was on some sort of drug that was making him think that there was invisible clowns in his moms house, so he did the most logical thing, pulled out his shot gun and shot at them.

Police were called to the home of the man’s mother in Roberts, Wisconsin, a small town across the border from the Twin Cities.

When the police got to the house, the man came to the door, still yelling at clowns that weren’t there.
He went back inside and fired more shots in the house and came to the porch with the shotgun and a string of ammunition around his neck.

The police were waiting outside with guns drawn.

The man did not respond to officers’ commands, but when he slipped and fell, deputies were able to take him into custody...or maybe the clowns tripped him.

What is the truth?

On his way to the hospital, the man told medical crews he had taken a hallucinogenic drug and believed people dressed as clowns were attacking his mother’s home, that he had shot and killed several of them, and that his mother had been killed in the attack.

In reality, nobody was injured in the incident, though the man shot at his mother and her boyfriend as they were trying to flee the home in their vehicle.

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