Monday, August 19, 2013

Chainsaw Suicide

David Phyall, a 50-year-old British man, didn't want to leave his apartment block, which was set to be demolished.
Alternative accommodations were offered to him 11 times, but David just wasn't taking.

One by one, all his neighbors moved out, leaving him the sole holdout rattling around in a condemned apartment building all on his own.

Something had to give and it turned out that something was going to be David's vertebrae.
See, he had a plan that was definitely going to cost him his safety deposit, and make a hell of a chore for the cleaning staff.

David tied a chainsaw to the leg of a table, laid down with his neck against it, set the saw on a 15-minute timer, then took a stiff drink and then took a cocktail of pills to knock himself out.
He rested the saw on his neck and once he passed out, the timer went off – slicing through his neck in an instant.

Cops and paramedics found his blood-soaked corpse ten days ago after his dad John raised the alarm.

A Hampshire police source said: “What greeted them was a horrific sight. The head was severed and there was a considerable amount of blood.

“He seemed to have gone into a great amount of detail to end it all.”

What is the truth?

This is unfortunately a true story.

Ron Turtle, residents’ association chairman, said: “They offered him several places that were similar but he just didn’t want to move. They had to go to court. It is a very sad situation.”

Chainsaw suicides happens.
There is word off cases that people saw there head off by a dare or bet.

Drunk? Depressed? Angry? Stay away from chainsaws!
Or friends with a chainsaw...

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