Monday, November 4, 2013

The Legend of Guedes

There’s been countless of stories, from all over the world, about solitary travellers who lose their way and meet a frightful end.

The legend of Guedes is no different - but hers take a slight different turn towards the supernatural.

The legend

It all happened in a small Brazilian town called Cariré, in the northeast Município of Ceará.
The story tells us of a woman called Guedes who, after countless of days lost inside the woods, looking for her way back, died from the lack of water.
Ironically, she died only a few feet away from a small river.

Today, many who go to the small river to fish, claim to hear a woman’s wails and cries.
To try and put her soul at ease, the people from the town put a small cross on the place she allegedly died. They leave small plates of food and bottles of water to try and ease her spirit at this cross, and pray for her soul to find the light.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work, for her cries are still heard throughout the woods to this day.

What is the truth?

A visitor in the place and many others confirmed its wary ways, saying that “the path is awfully difficult to follow, and insects cloud your vision underneath the many trees”.

Since the story has unfilled details (how did Guedes get there? Why was she there? How do people know her name is Guedes?) and the lack of physical evidence that should exist to confirm its truth leads us to believe it’s just another urban legend that is just passed down from mouth to mouth, generation to generation, as it often happens in small towns.

Weather real or not, the Legend still haunts the small town and its inhabitants, tying itself to the very history of the place.
I don’t believe Guedes will be going anywhere very soon.

A person who saw the photo of the visitor, showed at the bottom of this article, claims to have seen “the face of a sad, sad woman amongst the trees”.

Can you see it?


Anonymous said...

Well I do see something there but I'm not sure wether it's a face or some trick of light. It's a very small face like image in the bottom left.

Anonymous said...

I dont see anything. They dont look like trees just big bushes.