Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie: The Hounted House Project

Movie review: The Hounted House Project (Pyega) 
Cheol-ha Lee - South Korea, 2010
Horror, 84min.

Over the past 42 years, six people have gone missing, eight people have died "accidently" and eleven cases of murder have occurred in a deserted house. 
3 members of an abandoned house exploring club and 3 staff members of a broadcasting company go into the deserted house. 
All of them disappear.

It`s like the hand-held camera filming technique are used for all recent horror movies.
It all started with the `Blair witch project movie` that used one of the first time the hand-held camera filming technique.
Many high budget and low budget movies usses this technique.

This kind of techique wants you to belief that the movie really happend. Like it was all real footage of what is happend.

However many movies fales in this.
But other ones are so well made you just can`t know if it was real or not. And this makes the movie scary.

There are many terrible made, but somethime there is a true masterpiece between all the others.

The movie `Pyega` is not well known, but many reviews gives the movie a very low score.

However I disagree.
Yes the movie start very slow and boring and you will see most of the time nothing.

But what makes a hand-held film scary?... realisme.

The focus is not on the action or "ghosts" but how the people react and think.
You will see the movie trough the eye`s of the camera man, but you also will experience what he

The movie starts slow and boring but the movie climb to a climax!
With some unforgettable scenes!

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