Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Real Cursed Kleenex Commercial?

In my Blog about the `Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial` I wrote that there was still a THIRD Kleenex commercial.

I have found the third commercial!

I have watched it many times. And it is alike the red demon version. But the atmosphere is completely different.

Should this be the REAL cursed commercial?

So in this YouTube video you can see the two red demon commercials.

You can see in the first one a happy red demon that is playing with the lady.
They look happy and having a great time with the tissues.

But in the second commercial the red demon looks angry and the lady tries to cheer the red demon up.
An other detail is that they are on straw.
Why is it suddenly angry? And why are they on straw?

A second Angel version

Thanks to an anonymous comment I found also a second `Angel` commercial!

The song featured in both versions of the Angel ad is called "Kleenex" by Geinoh Yamashirogumi and it's from their 1978 album "Ougonrin Sanyo "Exultant Pisces in Cantics Nostris".

We also can see that the actors in the angel version are not asian. Is this to make the contrast bigger? Or is it made by some other commercial agency?

What is the truth?

So we have found two demon versions and two angel versions.
Each has their song and actors.

I played the commercial over and over, and still nothing happened. I played it backwards, slowmotion, ect.
And still I can`t find anything abnormal.

It is strange the legend speaks of a third commercial. But I allready found four.
So is there a thirt demon version that is really cursed?...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to add this in the last time but in case you were wondering what an Oni is, it is a creature from Japanese folklore that is often translated as "ogre" or "demon", but there are some slight differences between the Oni and their Western equivalents.

Here is some information on the Oni:



As for identifying as to who the ad agencies were for the Akaoni and Angel Kleenex ads, I really have no idea. It's very likely that it could have been Dentsu, Hakuhodo, or Asatsu-DK since they are the top three biggest ad agencies in Japan, but this is only a guess.

Also, Keiko Matsuzaka appeared in another Kleenex ad during the 1980's, but I'm not to sure whether it predates the Akaoni ads or not.

It seems to have been pulled from Youtube, but I remember seeing it on there about a year or so ago. In the ad, she was in an all white room wearing a black flowing dress and sitting on a square-like platform, blowing kisses (I think that's what she did but I can vaguely remember it.)

The background music was a rather catchy 80's new wave-ish synthpop song with Japanese lyrics, except I couldn't identify who the band or singer was and this is coming from someone who listens to a lot of Japanese music from the 1970's and 1980's.

The brand of Kleenex it was selling was Kleenex Boutique and it ran for about 30 seconds. I can't seem to find that particular ad on Nico Nico Douga, either.

And on a similar note, here are two other Kleenex ads featuring Keiko Matsuzaka. These aired about a year before the Akaoni ads.


Regarding the rumors surounding the Akaoni ads, I also recall reading somewhere a long time ago (I don't remember exactly where.) that the red background was painted with human blood and that the curse was caused by the souls of those whose blood was used to paint the background. This is kind of similar to the urban legends surounding the Poltergiest films and how supposedly the films were cursed because real human corpses were used as props in the first two films.

As for the red background, this sounds very farfetched to me because why would someone use blood to paint a red background for use in a commercial? It's far more likely that the red background used was just a generic red studio backdrop.

I know that this comment was rather lengthy, but I just wanted to add some more information about what I know surounding these ads. No matter how much research I have done about the ads, the whole thing still seems rather unclear.

Cyberator said...

Thank you again for your interesting comment!

Can you please PM me? Or send me a email at thehorrortree@gmail.com?

Anonymous said...
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Cyberator said...

I am sorry I had to remove your comment. The reason was your website.

However your comment. You had problems with loading of pictures. On this article there are no pictures, only two Youtube videos.

If someone else have problems with the loading of pictures please inform me

Unknown said...

idon't belive in curses
i have a said to be cursed picture on my phone

Unknown said...

idon't belive in curses
i have a said to be cursed picture on my phone

Unknown said...

i dont belive in curses i have a said to be cursed photo on my phone