Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boiled brains

Milagros Esteves was a fine girl, but not too bright. One day she got asked a date by one guy she really liked, so on the day of the date she wanted to look pretty.

The day came but she never showed up and as days went by her boy decided to pay her a visit in order to know what happened. Telephone calls didn't work so he went to her home and after waiting for an answer he decided to take a look inside from the back part of the house which had a window to the kitchen only to find out his date laying on the kitchen's floor.

When police arrived they could reconstruct the girls last moments.

As time for the meeting came closer Milagros noticed her hair was still too wet to be combed so an idea struck her mind.

She would go to the kitchen, get a knife, head for the microwave oven, open its door, falsely lock the door in order to keep it open and dry her hair by placing her head inside the oven.

Doctors diagnosed death by boiled brain.

What is the truth

This cautionary tale dating from the 1970`s is essentially a variant of "The Microwaved Pet," in which an elderly woman unfamiliar with the properties of her brand-new microwave oven attempts to use it to dry her wet poodle. It has a similarly gory ending.

First invented in the 1940s, microwave ovens (or "radar ranges," as they were known early on) didn't become affordable enough for most Americans to own until the late 1960s, so they were still something of a novelty when these stories first began to circulate.
They illustrate how new and unfamiliar technologies beget cautionary tales, especially when their workings are obscure and the products are accompanied by bold-lettered safety warnings.

But that this story is true is unknown.
The story is from the 1970`s, so to find hard evidence wouldn`t be easy. Also I can`t find any information about the girl.
So it could be just a cautionary tale.

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