Thursday, August 9, 2012

Namakubi video

In the search of scary video clips you sometimes find a video that is so weird and disturbing you can`t explain what is really going on.
Is it real? Fake?

Sometime you just can`t know.

Watch this video clip closely. Alone and in the dark.
Look closely at the environment and the lighting.

Did you had the feeling the face moved?
Did you saw the lighting chance on her face?

I love the hole scene in it.
The detail of the room,the TV, closet, the box.

What is the truth?

I love this video! This will scare everybody. And leave you with a really bad feeling.

Only the scream at the end kinda ruined the hole scene.

I have tried to translate most of the Japanese texts.

So the title says Namakubi.
Namakubi means “freshly severed head”, which is a reference to Samurai culture, specifically, the presentation of the heads of the vanquished to the leader of the victorious.

But in these days it is used in art form, drawings and tattoos.

When I look at the comments of the video, it looks like it is some kind of competition. To create a scary video with the theme Namakubi.

Someone said in the comments that he filmed it in daylight so it would be darker in the closet.

Well, I say the creator really succeed in creating a freaky and disturbing video!

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