Sunday, July 1, 2012

Movie: Reincarnation

Movie review: Reincarnation (Rinne)
Takashi Shimizu - Japan, 2005
Horror, 95min.

In a film that merges stories from past and present, a young actress gets a role in a new film that is based on a series of horrific murders committed in the 1970s.
During pre-production she appears to experience the murders as though they are happening around her, resulting in the discovery of an 8mm camera that she consequently has developed, with terrifying consequences.
A supernatural whodunnit that's handled with real style.

The movie begins when a young actress gets a role in a movie which is a recreation of a horrific murder that happened a number of years earlier, where a father kills his wife and two children and then goes on a rampage killing a number of people in the hotel in which he is staying.
All of which he films home-movie style with an 8mm camera.

The actress begins to experience flashbacks to the murder scene as if she was really there and is haunted by a little girl with a scary little doll.

Before long there are others experiencing the murder-scene flashbacks and they start to investigate the cause in order to understand why it is happening to them and their role in the tragic incident.
All paths lead to the hotel where the horrific murders took place, and eventually the murderous father's motives and spiritual beliefs become clear.

Soon the lines between reality and the afterlife becomes blurred as the dead return to relive the murderous rampage with the new stars of the show in leading roles.
Towards the end it turns into a true Horror movie once the mystery is no longer a mystery.

Reincarnation is an atmospheric and creepy Japanese horror Movie, filled with twists and turns as the mystery unravels.

The storyline is solid, and very original. Aldo it does have a traditional J-horror feel, it will show you things you never saw before.
Well acted plus Camera and Editing is excellent. It is not a low budget movie or high Hollywood budget. But the quality is perfect.

A true must see for all J-horror fans!

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