Monday, July 23, 2012

Tabi Po

It is said, that in the Philippines it is quite common for males to pee anywhere.

But there is a lingering superstition that almost everybody follows: the uttering of  'Tabi Po' before peeing.

'Tabi Po' means 'Excuse me'.

This is due to the belief that 'engkantos (elemental spirits)' live in nooks, crannies and in small earth mounds called 'punso'.
If the person forgets to say 'Tabi Po' then his genitals would swell until the spirit is satiated/driven away by a shaman.

Some say that it did occur and some males have been reported to have had swollen genitals and were relieved only by shamans, who they call 'albularyo'.
Some instances can't be even explained by science!

What is the truth?

I also enjoy to take a pee in the nature!
In Belgium we have also some kind of an "Engkantos" who will punish you when you pee in the wild.
But we call them cops!

The beauty of this legend is; who would risk it to not say 'Tabi Po'?

Would you take the chance?


Ryan Toledo said...

heheh so you published this already :D

Anonymous said...

2nd Filipino here. Not a guy, though. ;)

Timothy Clax said...


ooh wait... I`m from Belgium :(