Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Blue

Who doesn`t love a cute baby with beautiful blue eye`s.

But not all the babies are so cute.

As there are many versions of the Bloody Mary legend, there are also some variations.
Like Candyman, Lady In White and Baby Blue.

To play Baby Blue, you have to go into the bathroom on your own, turn of the lights and close the door.
Look into the mirror with your arms like holding a baby. Repeat the words "Baby Blue, Blue Baby' 13 times.

If you make no mistake you will feel the weight of a baby in your arms. You will have the feeling that you are
really holding a baby. The baby will get heavier as it grows larger and larger.
You will suddenly feel scratching on your arms. New born baby`s have sharp nails.
And you will feel them scratching your arms.

Before the baby is getting too heavy, you must drop the invisible baby into the toilet and flush it two times.
Then you have to run out the bathroom as soon as possible.

If you don`t do it fast enough, a hideous woman will appear in the mirror. She will yell "Give me back my baby!" and screams so load the mirror will break. If you are still holding the baby, the baby will scratch you until it hits an artery so you bleed to death.
Or the woman kills you when you are still in the bathroom.

The story

A group of young girls found out about the baby blue story and decided to try it out.
When the girls were alone at night they pushed one of her friends in the bathroom.
She did not belieft it would worked so she turned out the lights and locked the door behind her0
She put out her arms and started chanting the phrase; `Blue baby, baby blue...`

As longer she was singing her arms felt heavier and heavier.
She really started to have the feeling a baby was in her arms.
And felt some light scratching on her arms.
She was so scared she did not know what to do.
She frose up and stood there holding the invicible baby as it grew heavier.
Suddenly she saw something horrible in the mirror and she screamed!

Her friends heard the scream and they tried to open the bathroom door, but it was locked.
The young girls tried to open the door but it didn`t worked.

The girl in the bathroom was screaming and screaming.

So the girls ran to the neighborgs house to get help.

The neighbour broke open the door and they found the girl lying dead on the floor. Her eyes had been scratched out.
They tried to move her body but they could not move her because something large and invisible was pinning her to the gound.

What is the truth?

When you look to legends like Bloody Mary, there is always a back-story too support the legend.
But this legend has no back-story at all.
We have no information about the baby or the woman.

Like in the Bloody Mary legend, it will mess with your mind.
Interesting is the way you hold an "invisible" baby. When you hold that position with your arms for a long time, your arms will get tired and you will have the feeling you are holding something that is getting heavier.

However, these kind of legends have one thing in common.
You are summoning a demon.

You invite a demon to your house, and this is not something to play with.

Here are some interesting comments of people about this legend;
"my mate tryed this i closed the door so he was on his own in the bathroom and when he came out he his eyes where red i screamed when seeing in it he was shakeing crazy and the mirror was broken he had to get his eyes done so people i say don`t play this game ever"

"My friend tried that and she was also scared out of her writs, but she lived. That all happened 2 years ago. But she still has two scratches on her left arm...."

"I played this at my friends house... This one actually worked Candyman is fake and Mary never works but after i did this one there were distinct fingernail marks in my arm where I was holding the baby. Not scratches but the shape of fingernails. Stayed there for like 12 hours."


Anonymous said...

I tried this it worked and now I have four scratches on my left arm. My mom came to take me to the doctors coz she didn't understand I tried a scary legend. Btw my mom treats me like a 4 year old I'm actually 27 years old I'm not in a relationship either. That was last month.

Anonymous said...

Very scary I'm will defiantly never do that not taking chances

XXCARNAGE519XX said...

If you check out lupus creepis on YouTube he did Candy man Bloody Mary and blue baby

Anonymous said...

Sure all of these urban legends are real. Just like the easter bunny, santa clause, and the tooth fairy are all real. grow up people

Edwina Elric said...

I heard of a different version where you have to light a candle, turn off the lights, start running the water until the mirror gets all fogged up and write "baby blue" in the fog.

Just before the words you wrote disapear in the fog you have to position your arms like you're rocking a baby and start singing "baby blue baby blue I know the things she did to you" You have to repeat this song without stopping while something starts growing heavier in your arms (baby blue)

Just when the thing in your arms feels so heavy you think your arms will drop (You can't drop the baby or else you'll die) The mother will appear in the mirror, she will also be screaming so loud that you will want to cover your ear's (if you do you'll drop the baby and die)

You have to look into the eyes of the mother and yell "You killed your baby!" when you do the mother will dissapear and you'll hear a baby laughing. This is because you just freed the baby from his mother and now he can finally continue into the afterlife.

It is said in legend that whoever is able to free the baby will be blessed with great luck in their life.

Anonymous said...

I like Edwina E's comment.
I think I saw/read at least two versions of "baby blue".
It seems to be something to scare someone with.
It may date back couple years or so.
Maybe even before my grandparent were born.

EpicGIrl1846 said...

When I first heard about this game, I was finished playing "Bloody Mary" (which doesn't work). And I was going through YouTube and I saw this one video that was titled "Playing Baby Blue". I had never heard of that game, so I clicked on it to see what it was. Later, after arguing with myself on whether or not to do it, I decided to play it. I kept messing up, saying "Blaby Blue". But I finally got it right and the feeling in my arms got heavier and heavier and I started to feel a small stinging sensation in my arm. I got really scared and I flushed the invisible baby down the toilet. I had recorded the whole thing. After I stopped recording, I found a small scratch on my left arm. The video is currently uploading on my YouTube channel. I will post the link to it when it has finished uploading.

EpicGIrl1846 said...

Here's the video