Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Exploding Indian

During an autopsy in Brussels, two coroners were working on the body of an Indian man.

One of the coroner was smoking a cigar during the autopsy.
But when the medical examiner planted his knife in the belly of the Indian man, a foreign gas came free.

When the coroner came closer to the body, the Indian man explode!

The gases were from a pesticide to kill cockroaches. 
The court is still looking out of the man took the poison himself or got killed by someone.

What is the truth?

The story was published in a Belgium newspaper on 17 November 2001.

This story should be true.

However, after some recherche, I could not find the actual story.
So no hard evidence here.

Is it scientific possible?

There was an similar accident in Texas, USA 

Family members who gather at a Texas funeral home to mourn the death of 38-year-old Robert Cavazos Jr. reeled in horror when the dead man’s corpse suddenly exploded.

The force of the blast ripped open Cavazos’ cement-lined coffin and filled the funeral home in Raymondville, Texas with “a horrendous, foul oder,”
The lawyer said Cavazos’ body exploded because it was not embalmed and gases formed within the corpse as the decomposition process occurred.

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