Monday, June 18, 2012

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary...Bloody Mary...Bloody Mary...

Did you ever played the Bloody Mary game?
You go in front of the mirror, turn out all the lights and say three times... Bloody Mary. When you do it correct, she will appear in the mirror and reveals the future.

It is a very popular game played by American teenage groups for fun or a truth or dare.

Trying to reveal the truth will be hard, because there are so many versions of the story!

Version one

A Historical ritual encourage a young woman to walk up the stairs backwards while holding a candle and a hand mirror, in a complete dark house.
When they look in the mirror, they were supposed to be able to see the face of there future husband. But there was a chance that they would see a skull, or the face of the Grim Reaper, instead.
That would indicate them that they were destined to die before they got married.

Version two

In the recent "summoning" ritual, you must not look directly for Bloody Mary, but you must look at your own image in the mirror. The room must be completely dark, but you can have a candle. Say three times Bloody Mary. Then say: "I`ve got your baby!"

This modern ritual of taunting Bloody Mary regarding her baby indicates to Queen Mary I, also know as Bloody Mary, whose life was marked by a number of miscarriages or false pregnancies.

When she is summoned properly she will appears as a corpse, a witch or a ghost. She will scream at you, cursing you, strangle you. She also can steal your body or soul or drink your blood.

Version Three

In the 1600's, in a small village in England, there lived a healer in a house in the woods named Mary.
The villagers called her Bloody Mary because of her unorthodox healing methods.
But then a young girl disappeared around Mary`s house. And other children started to disappear.
All of the villagers assumed that Mary was responsible. So the villagers decide to act!
All of the villagers came up to Bloody Mary`s house.
They saw that Mary was getting younger and more beautiful.
So they thought she used the children to make her younger with witchery.
So they killed her by bleeding her to death and burning her.
In her last words, she screamed that all who say her name will be damned.

A few days later, strange things started to happen around the village.
People were found dead with pools of blood around there corpses.
The villagers believed they said her name and got killed by the ghost of Bloody Mary.


A particular form of divination associated with Halloween in the British Isles entailed gazing into a mirror and performing a nonverbal ritual to summon a vision of one's future betrothed. This example is from the Poems of Robert Burns, published in 1787:
Take a candle, and go alone to a looking glass; eat an apple before it, and some traditions say, you should comb your hair all the time; the face of your conjugal companion, to be, will be seen in the glass, as if peeping over your shoulder.
Another example of mirror divination, in this case accompanied by ritual chanting, appears in the fairy tale "Snow White," as told by the Brothers Grimm in 1857 (trans. by D.L. Ashliman):
She was a beautiful woman, but she was proud and arrogant, and she could not stand it if anyone might surpass her in beauty. She had a magic mirror. Every morning she stood before it, looked at herself, and said: Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

To this the mirror answered:
You, my queen, are fairest of all.
As everyone who grew up reading "Snow White" (or watching the animated Disney version) knows, the mirror-obsessed queen was ultimately destroyed by her own vanity, and it is in this and similar cautionary tales that we see basic elements of the Bloody Mary ritual emerge.

What is the truth?

There are so many versions, so many variations!
But the important thing is, can you summon something or someone with a mirror?
Can you see another world in a mirror?

It looks more like a fairly tale... It is been used in hundreds of fantasy stories. And is so over used. Even today with horror movies like "Mirrors". Or the Bloody Mary scene in"Paranormal activity 3".

The ritual is so easy to preform... and it takes nothing to do.
Okey, it is scary when you are in complete dark, trying to summon a dead woman. And with the candle light blurring your vision. Your mind must go crazy. But the change to see the evil Bloody Mary, or your future husband is little.

Let's keep it to a fun game too scare your friends in a truth or dare game.

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