Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cannibal Girl

You are what you eat...
You are WHO you eat...

Some say you can tell a loth about a person by looking in his refrigerator.

So let`s see what is inside this woman her fridge.

Human meat...

This woman was well known for her amazing cooking. She cooked for her husband and at party`s with relatives and friends.

People always asked her for her cooking secrets, but she never answerd.

She gave them human flesh to eat without their knowledge.

At the end the woman confessed that she killed her husband and ate his flesh.

The act of this woman had been compromised by the local police, now she is ready to accept punishment for the murders she committed.

What is the truth?

All the articles I found were very short. Some say the woman was from South Philippines but other say she is not.
I can`t find from what town, or what her name is.

How many she killed is unknown, some say she only ate men or children.

The only thing there is are the three photographs.
They look real.
And the woman has that guilty look on her face.

There are many cases of cannibalism all over the world, so this could be true.

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Anonymous said...

People say that Human flesh is very delicious. If a wild animal like, a tiger or a lion, ate a human flesh...then it will hunt for more, that's why tigers in India and lions in Africa hunt villagers. And there was also a story in Pakistan where some people( who were very poor and ca't afford food) were caught eating fresh human flesh dug from graves ( who had recently died) especially children.