Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teke Teke


A school boy was walking back home at night. When he crossed the railroad, he spotted a beautiful girl standing by a windowsill resting on her elbows.
They smiled at each other for a moment.
The girl asked him: "Where are my legs?"
The boy didn`t understand it and answered: "I do not know?"
The girl jumped out of the window and revealed her lower half was missing. Frightened he stood in the sidewalk looking at her disfigurement.

She makes her way towards him, clawing along the ground and running on her elbows making a tek-tek-tek sound.
With a scythe, she sliced the boy in half, mimicking her own disfigurement.

Who is that girl?

Teke Teke is the ghost of a Japanese schoolgirl who roams the train stations of Japan.

In life, this girl was a scarey cat and people are always playing practical jokes on her.
One day at the train station after school, her friends decided to put a cicada, a bug that appears in the summer in Japan, on her shoulder.
Sadly, this turned out to be a fatal prank. She was so scared she fell off of the platform and was hit by a Shinkansen (The fastest train in Japan) and her body was split in two.

Now she is haunting the train stations of Japan, dragging herself with her elbows and sometimes her hands. She is known to kill people with her scythe and split people in half with the harsh speed of the Shinkansen to make her victims feel her pain. Her name is “Teke Teke” or “Bata Bata” because of the noise she makes when she is dragging herself around.

The girl also go by name 'Kashima Reiko' that appears to be an abbreviation of Kamen Shinin Ma (Mask, dead person demon).

Can you save yourself from her?
There is a way to save yourself. When she asks : "Where are my legs?"
You must tell her that her legs are at the `Meishin Railway` and answer `Kashima Reiko` if she asks you who told you this.

But when you do not answer or give the wrong answer she will split you in two with the speed of a Shinkansen.

What is the truth?

I really do love the Japanese urban legends.
This one is kinda familiar with the `Slit Mouth Woman` legend.
A girl or woman who takes revenge to what is happened to her by doing the same thing on others.

But is this legend possible?
There are people living without legs or lower body. With medical help, they can survive.
But slide someone in half with the speed of a bullet train is physical impossible.
Or she must have extremely strong arms and a very sharp scythe.

The legend also say when you hear of this story, you will see Teke Teke after a month nearby a train station or railroad.

I live near a railroad, so I hope to meet her soon!

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Brandon Garcia said...

I think she doesn't ask you riddle and I hope she saw those jerks who did that fatal prank and fractioned them.