Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blind Maiden

Curses date before the old Egypt.
And now in these modern times, curses take a very modern turn.

Look at recent movies like;
The Ring, Pulse, FEAR.com, One missed call ...
All movies about curses through modern technology.
Movies, mobile phone, internet websites,...

Many Japanese horror movies or based on this.

But there is a Spain website that would curse you!


But it is a rare website. And is very rare online.
It also require the following:

1. You must be completely alone
2. It must be twelve o`clock on the dot
3. There must be no moon.
4. All the lights must be turned off.
5. No religious items near the computer or on you.

Some say the site is not `www.blindmaiden.com` but `www.blaindmadelaine.com`.
And you have to visit it on a Thursday.

What will happen?

This is what people say that visited the website.

They say the first thing that appearance are a huge flow of disturbing images.
Images that are so horrible and out of the ordinary that they are impossible to describe in words.

You will see pictures people without eyes.
People in torture chambers. Boys and girls with there faces twisted in fear. And there mouths screaming!

The pictures are displayed quickly, flashing up screen one after the other with no explanation.

After this a question will pop up (Normally in Spanish);

" Would you like to participate in an experience of absolute horror?"

Below the text are two buttons: "Accept" and "Decline".

If you `accept` the challenge you will be taking your life in hands. Take `decline` to stay safe.
Scared already? It just has started!

When you accept, you will see on your computer screen a silhouette approaching your own house!
You see that the silhouette enters your house and is walking to the room you are in.
You will see your own back.
Then you feel a presence behind you... and feel a tab on your shoulder.
The last thing you will see is the face of the Blind Maiden, staring at you with her horrible eyes.

The Blind Maiden will rip out your eyes and takes a snapshot of your face so you will be part of the pictures on her website.

What is the truth?

The website is really well know in Spain.
And many fears the website.
Some testified they saw horrible things and had a really bad experience.

There is only one way to see if it`s true or not.
Let`s check it out!

The next time there is a new moon is the 19th of Juli. And it is a Thursday (I live in Belgium that has the same time as Spain, so there would be no problem with the time difference.)
So I will check it out and record everything.
Then I will Update with the results of my investigation. Stay reading for the truth of the Blind Maiden!

I could not do it on the 19th of Juli. Next new moon is on 17th of August.

UPDATE for 17/08/2012

It is now 20 minutes after midnight.
I have recorded everything with three cameras.
I will go over the footage and post it right here.

I experience nothing strange or hear/saw anything.

But... I made a mistake...
I had a book based on the Bible about Jesus on my desk. I didn't realized it after filming.
That could of scared the blind maiden away. If this counts as a religious item.
I will try this again on perfect condition!


So I tried this with four possible websites.

All websites does not exist..
They are free domains that you can  buy.
However the only website with nothing is www.blindmadelaine.es !
So I guess this would be the website if it was real.

It is also possible that the website exist years ago, and is now offline.

I am going to try this again from time to time.
But I don`t think I will ever encounter the Blind Maiden!


majndfak said...

hey, i just wondered if you tried this blindmaiden.com thing on 19 July? i was waiting for an update :)

CherryRed5 said...

Hi, it was not possible for me to check it on that date unfortunately! However the next new moon is this Friday the 17th! I am really sorry, but on the 18th I will post an update with my conclusion!

Anonymous said...

so? How was it?

Anonymous said...

are you trying this today? I read its on the 23rd thursday of each month? Im so curious but good luck and god be with you =/

CherryRed5 said...

I read it too, but it is like only one 23rd Thursday in a year. So that is extremely rare. I will be trying it on other times, but I think my conclusion is ready. I`ll post it after my video is done.

hmmm said...

So... any luck? Did you try it at all in October? I've honestly been looking for people to try this, since I don't wanna do it myself...

CherryRed5 said...

I checked the history of each site. And the domain name for `blindmaiden.com` was created in 2005. So maybe there was something to see back then. But not anymore. The website that stays a mystery is `www.blindmadelaine.es`. The domain name don`t even exist. Or is not created yet.

Anonymous said...

just google it bro

diah sie said...

if you finally found the real website, and the question pop out, what will you do? will you click the Accept button?
or Decline button? :/

Timothy Clax said...


Hioray said...

Try To turn off ur Cameras... and on it again after u can access the web..
Maybe, It counted as light too.... i mean the camera light then make it sure is ur laptop only the light..
Good Luck..

Anonymous said...

I get it, the person didnt update because she is....gone now.....

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very addictive, keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

19th july is mi birthday..whoo I m awesome.

Anonymous said...

Grandmas house yea yea

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I saw your video trying to contact the blind maiden. I've never tried to enter the page but from what I could read online in spanish, the correct link is www.blindmaiden.net or www.blindmaiden.im

When you enter on a regular day without following the conditions you'll see this message:

Jung qb lbh xabj nobhg zr? Bayl haernyvfgvp zlguf.
V'z zhpu zber greevslvat. I'm the blind Maiden.

A couple of us tried to translate it and we found out it's an anagram and after changing the letters this is what we figure out:

“What do you know about me? Only unrealistic myths. I’m much more terrifying. I’m the Blind Maiden”

I'm not telling the story it's real but this is what we know.

Take care and congrats on your blog

from Peru

Anonymous said...

Yeah i tried that ur not lying ill try it on the next new moon and see wat happens

Anonymous said...

I don't think so that it is true ?????????