Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Visit To Hell

Clifford Hoyt, age 31, suffered serious injuries in an automobile accident in 1999.

After he regained consciousness, he told a terrified nurse that he had died and visited Hell!

He expounded on the tortures and anguish he experienced in frightening detail. He refused psychological treatment and was released.

Several weeks later, Hoyt’s neighbors complained to their landlord that strange music was playing in his apartment at all hours of the night.
Upon investigating, the building’s owner found Clifford in this condition.

Mr. Hoyt was still quite lucid and protested when the landlord attempted to call the police.
Concerned for the damage done to his property, he took photographs of the apartment, of which the image above is an example.

He left and contacted Mr. Hoyt’s family, who contacted authorities.
Clifford claimed that demons from Hell were still trying to capture him.
He explained that his body would burn incessantly unless he played music to scare the demons away.
He would only leave the house for short periods of time to get minimal supplies, including large blocks of ice to soothe the burning he felt as he tried to sleep.
Doctors attribute Clifford’s actions to brain damage suffered in the accident.

He currently resides in a mental rehabilitation facility in Maryland.

What is the truth?

The picture is disturbing.
The man laying naked on the floor with a block of ice in is arm, a keyboard and mic to scare of the demons.

This story is going around the internet for a while. However nobody knows more then this. There are no other pictures, no other details. So it does look like an urban legend.

The possibility that he is insane is almost unquestionable.
But is there a hell? Is it possible that he visited the hell and returned?
Can you scare off demons with music?

Future posts will explain these questions!


unicorn said...

I can't see the picture for some reason, I tried to click this story for several times, but the picture is damaged. It was like something is stopping me from seeing

Cyberator said...

I fixed it, thank you for saying!

Anonymous said...

Is that poo smear all over his body?