Saturday, September 29, 2012

Movie: Asylum Blackout

Movie review: Asylum Blackout (The Incident) 
Alexandre Court├Ęs - USA, 2011
Horror, 85min.

Rock musicians George, Max and Ricky work in the kitchen at the local asylum to make ends meet - the pay is good and they're at minimal risk, having no direct contact with the inmates. One night, just before dinner time, a storm shuts down the security system and the doors to all the cells open, letting the lunatics loose.

Getting stuck in an elevator is bad.
Getting stuck at your work is even worse.
Getting stuck in an asylum full with lunatics on the loose... start praying!

You will meet three rock musicians that works as cooks in an asylum.
They do not have the dream job but they are as save as it gets.
In a high security building all doors are electronic secured.
Security guards patrolling the place.

But on a stormy night the power turns out and the nightmare begins.

The security guards have control on the situation.
The inmates are drugged and calm.

But they are lunatics... and some have not taken there meds...

The security guards can not handle the situation alone.
The inexperience cooks have to help the guards to lock the inmates.

It is a matter of time, when the lunatics are loosing there calm...

A very original story and a very convincing cast. No super hero`s, only some real people that are handeling a situation they weren`t prepared for.
The movie has some amazing rock music, that plays a roll in the life of the cooks.
It also brings an unique horror.
A claustrophobic feeling and the unpredictable inmates will make you shiver the entire movie.

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