Thursday, September 20, 2012

Game: Slender

Game review: Slender
2012 - Parsec Productions
Horror, 1 player
Microsoft Windows, OS X

It is called the scariest video game ever made.
Very popular reaction videos posted on YouTube.
Do you dare to play the game based on one of the scariest legends in history?

You are starting in the woods. All alone, armed with only a flashlight.
Darkness surround you. And your quest starts, find the eight pages!

The forest is endless, the fear of what could happen makes you shiver!
Your flashlight provides you with sight trough the darkness.

You find a page, nailed on a tree... The page gives you a hint about an old legend.
The legend of The Slender Man!
You start to realize that your life is in danger.
Your hart is beating crazy.

A strange noice... You turn around... and there he is. The Slender Man!

The only thing you can do is run, RUN for your life!
And find the other pages remaining in the woods.

The game was created by Mark J. Hadley, known on YouTube as AgentParsec.
You can download and play this game for FREE!

The game is short and difficult.
The music and sound effects are amazing! So playing with a headphone is a must!
The graphics looks old, but the effects of your flashlight and the trees are very well done.
If you look close at the Slender Man he does not look really scary.
But the first time you encounter him, you will scream like a little girl!

But for the downside, if you play this without the sound, it does not work. It will be like playing an old Half-Life map.
And the second time you play it. You`ll be more frustrated then scared of the Slender Man.

But the game is free, so go download it and enjoy a good scare!
Official site, and for download;

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